Why Dandelions?

The meaning of healing held in these flowers.

Why Dandelions?

After I first launched this site, I got a lot of comments about my full logo. People loved the graphic of the flower, which thrilled me to no end. Little did they know that there was a very specific reason why I chose a dandelion to be the imagery for this site.

When I was working on this site, I was trying to design a logo that felt right. I came up with mock-up after mock-up and nothing felt like it was hitting me in my “heart feelers”. I even hired a designer to create a logo for me because logo design is not my speciality (and I am fully aware of that!).

What the designer created was pretty, but not what I truly wanted. It still didn’t resonate and connect with me. This site was coming from such a deeply personal place that I felt like my logo needed to feel deeply personal too.

One day, I was surfing around a stock photo website looking for inspiration. As I typed random things into the search bar, I started noticing that dandelions kept popping up in the images — even though I was not specifically searching for them. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then it hit me.

Dandelions! YES!

That’s exactly what I’d been looking for and I didn’t even know it! Creating my logo came together in no time after that.


Here’s why I realized that a dandelion was the perfect imagery for my logo. To most people, dandelions are nothing more than an obnoxious weed that takes up residence in the middle of their pretty, green lawn. They’re hard to kill and most people use lots of toxic chemicals to get rid of them. You can try pulling them out by hand, but if you’ve ever tried, you know that they are tough little boogers with extremely long and stubborn tap roots.

However, to me, dandelions are an amazing plant and oh so very beneficial to our whole ecosystem. In addition to being really important to our sweet little pollinators (think bees, butterflies, flies, and other bugs), they also serve a really specific purpose in the health of our soil.

You see, dandelions show up in places where the soil is depleted. They work as mineral concentrators (especially calcium). This is why they have such a long, sturdy tap root. When they land in soil that is unhealthy, they send that taproot way, way, WAY down deep in the ground to see if they can pull minerals up closer to the surface so other plants can use them.

Once the soil has been replenished (which is difficult in today’s world), the dandelions will die off and go on to another patch of unhealthy soil. You see, minerals are quite literally the spark plugs of life, for humans, animals, and plants alike. Without proper mineral balance, we start to experience dis-ease and imbalance in the body. Long-term mineral imbalance can lead to some pretty severe health issues.

I feel like dandelions are the perfect metaphor for the journey we undertake to heal our relationship with food and our body. We live in a world where we have become nutritionally depleted (mind, body, and soul nutrients). When we become depleted, we start to experience dis-ease, unhappiness, and an overall loss of vitality and well-being with time.

In order to heal, we must dig deep. We must send that taproot down into the darkness and do the hard work there in the mucky-ness of our souls. Our bodies most likely need physical nourishment in the form of real food, vitamins, and minerals. But our hearts and souls also need nourishment.

In order to nourish those areas, we have to work on our mental and emotional health. We have to practice self-care and self-compassion. We have to respect our boundaries and limits. We have to find things that make us happy and joyful.

In other words, in order to truly heal, we have to become DEEPLY NOURISHED.

In our journeys, we need to be like the dandelions — sending our sturdy tap root deep down inside to draw out the good stuff. When we do this, we can replenish our physical, mental, and emotional soils and move forward into a healthier, happier life. They also offer hope that we won’t always struggle. When we have healed and our soil has been replenished, our dandelion friends can move on and help others. Perhaps that means YOU will move on and help others heal because of all the work you’ve done.

What do you think? Are you ready to call in the dandelions? If you are, I’d love for you to learn more about how I work with women just like you here. You can also download my free workbook, “Cultivating a Deeply Nourished Life” here.



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