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When it comes to the formal definition of “what is intuitive eating?”, there is some variance depending on who you talk to. That is why I have my own personal definition of intuitive eating, which helps explain the perspective I come to in this practice for myself and my clients.

Before we dive into that, I want to make it clear that intuitive eating is not about throwing caution to the wind and gorging yourself on whatever you want, whenever you want it. Many people freak out when I talk to them about intuitive eating because they think it means they are “giving up”. That dieting is the only way to ensure they remain “good” eaters.

That is SO far from the truth and is the primary myth that I work hard to dispel. My definition of intuitive eating is:

Eating in a way that nourishes our mind, body, and soul while honoring and respecting our own individual dietary needs (and never with shame, guilt, or ethical confusion).

Simply put, intuitive eating is what we used to do as babies and small children. It is the beautiful marriage of knowing when we are hungry, when we are full, and eating what truly nourishes us on all levels (mind, body, and soul).

I hope that as you explore my articles on intuitive eating you will begin to embrace the idea that anyone and everyone can be an intuitive eater (and yes, that means you!). We all have this internal wisdom deep inside of us, it’s just that society has conditioned us to believe that we have to be controlled and managed when it comes to our food.

If you are ready to learn how to become an intuitive eater, check out the articles below to get you started. If you need help making peace with food, I can help. Learn more about the work that I do with women just like you here and schedule your free strategy session today.

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