Better Beauty & Safer Skincare

We pay attention to what we put IN our bodies, but what about what we put ON our bodies?

So much of what we do on our healing journeys is to focus on nutrition and lifestyle. Making sure we are eating nutrient-dense foods, moving our bodies in mindful ways, getting good quality sleep, and making time for play and relaxation. Our skin often becomes an afterthought, when in reality, our skincare plays just as big of a role in our health as all the kale we eat does.

Most people don’t know just how harmful our skincare products can be. Everyday items that we purchase from our local department and grocery stores can be loaded with chemicals that do everything from disrupt our hormones to create internal and external allergies to cause cancer.

These are items that we assume are safe, yet in reality, they are far from it. Curious why?

That is because the United States has not passed any major legislation in the area of beauty products since 1938. There have been tens of thousands of chemicals developed since then, the vast majority of which are being used in common formulations WITHOUT EVER HAVING ANY SAFETY TESTING DONE ON THEM!

While the EU bans over 1,400 unsafe personal care product ingredients, and Canada bans over 600, the United States bans a woefully low 30.

Yes, 30.

We have to become conscious about what we are putting on our skin and the way those products interact with our overall health, both now and in the long-term. It is for these reasons (and countless others) that I have dedicated myself to education around safer skincare and beauty products. Because we deserve better and our health depends on it.

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